Sunday, March 24, 2013

To the One That Got Away

 To the One That Got Away

I wasn't fishing for a good time
when you feel into my lap
I needed some time
time to relax
I was cozy in my chair
I fell into a nap

You startled me
from my doze
I saw your face
I woulda rose
but your beauty
froze me in that stupid pose

And just like that
you were gone
So I woke up one morning
and wrote this country song
I need her back in my arms
that's the place where she belongs

If I saw her again
I would say
"Hello darlin'
why don't 'cha stay?
I'll make you dinner
be your sunshine ray
There's no need to stray
when I hold you tight
keep them wolves at bay.
So darlin'
Woulda say?"

Now each night
'for I go to bed
I look up at the man

and i said

"Dear Jesus
I'm an honest man
Just some things
I don't understand
Since she can't
be in my arms
won't 'cha steer
her free from harm?
Be her guiding light
Wash her tears
tuck her in at night
If you do that
I can live alright.

OH it's a sad sad day
I sing the song
about the one that got away
OH it's a sad sad day
she woulda made for a pretty good fillet

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  1. I can't believe it's a fish that got away!! (Though I suppose it's better than me... :)