Tuesday, February 26, 2013

West Virginny no way no how

I couldn't fit in all of the stereotypes of the fine folks of West Virginia, but I tried. 

(September 2012)

you won't find me
in west virginny
with no quarter to my name

you won't find me
in west virginny
kissing my dear brother's dame

you won't find me
in west virginny
i done took the train
arms wrapped up around
my dear brother's dame

out in the holler
i'd run moonshine for the boys
daddy twanged the banjo
and I joined him in the noise

sat on the porch
with my dear fiddle
daddy sang a lot
and I sang a little
the youngin's was dancin'
the tallest in the middle
brother was missing
it wasn't a riddle

out in the holler
brother shootin' dear
daddy twanged the bajno
smellin' dinner comin' near

yonder in the holler
to feed his family
chase them doe eyed deer
in his dear appalachy

threw the kill in a sack
threw it on it's back
onto the dirt floor
of our one story shack

we all was happy
we could taste
the sappy blood of bambi
we ran to the latrine
and called upon our daddy

daddy twanged the banjo
brother skinned the deer
it weren't quite dead
and brother lost an ear

ran off into the woods
to resume her life
brother cursed a lot
she took off with his knife
buried in her thick hide skin
it was a present from his wife

down at the table
no one sayin' grace
all were quiet
no smiles on their face
we dug in to our meatless stew
and i suddenly felt displaced

i said when i was young
that when i grew taller
i have a pretty dollar
run off with
my uncle's daughter
and out this holler

so i grabbed my brother's wife
our first cousin jess
hopped on a train
and forgot about this mess

we'll make a family of our own
move to the city
into a mobile home
i'll work nights
leave you and the twins alone

living in sin
living with ma kin
if i had another dollar
i'd do it all again

goodbye west virginny
goodbye for now
goodbye west virginny
won't come back
no way no how.

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