Friday, March 21, 2014

The Beastie Boys and that Highway NOISE

The highway ROLLED
on a melancholy hum
the petulant WHEELS
provided the strum

The interstate crawled 
at the pace of a SNAIL
The gas station coffee
was refreshingly STALE

The road was HUNGRY
so I fed it it's meal 
three shiny pieces 
that shone like STEEL

She raised her arm 
to signify she was FULL
this life on the road
it's never DULL


Here comes the FUN
10 sovereign lanes
convene into ONE
I speed up
I slow down 
I turn slightly LEFT
A man and his muse
is always DEFT

I picked up a man
who held out his THUMB
He outlasted the rain
And we balled numbly DUMB

Oh the ode 
to Kerouac's Road
And the proteges of
that man Tom Joad
Wander and wonder
let the story be told

The world wore heavy
on your hero and mine
His knees buckled 
until it broke his spine
His weary friend 
offered to bind 
his awful mind
with a bottle of wine
and a pack of cigarettes 
if they got the time 

Oh the bars don't close
until we say they do
We're new in town
and who are you?
That's ok
We gotta place to stay
Don't gotta go out your way
to tell us nay
Our perversion for diversion
will fulcrum this ship's submersion 
More on that later, back to the merging 
AND the night does BECKON
 I'm hopefully lost
the needle's on empty
and refuge is SOUGHT
I won't sleep anywhere
not at any COST
So exit 495
and the rest area PARKING LOT
 In my sleeping bag driver's seat
comfort no hotel 
could have BOUGHT

Throughout the twilight 
so spent my night 
alone as a broken bone
sun bleached in Georgia O'Keefe
Arise with the sunrise
to let me know 
that I am home

Saturday, January 25, 2014

One whore town

One whore town

Mama got a job
in a one whore town
not much to do
'cept lie around

daddy's gone
but the bills remain
envelopes everyday
got a different stain

she'd pick us up
in her pick up truck
rode shotgun
if i got the luck

me and sis
was close of age
we helped mama out
with minimum wage

tough being mama
five kids to raise
got a bit of money
but nothing saved

kept under the sheets
how them bills get paid

Sunday, March 24, 2013

To the One That Got Away

 To the One That Got Away

I wasn't fishing for a good time
when you feel into my lap
I needed some time
time to relax
I was cozy in my chair
I fell into a nap

You startled me
from my doze
I saw your face
I woulda rose
but your beauty
froze me in that stupid pose

And just like that
you were gone
So I woke up one morning
and wrote this country song
I need her back in my arms
that's the place where she belongs

If I saw her again
I would say
"Hello darlin'
why don't 'cha stay?
I'll make you dinner
be your sunshine ray
There's no need to stray
when I hold you tight
keep them wolves at bay.
So darlin'
Woulda say?"

Now each night
'for I go to bed
I look up at the man

and i said

"Dear Jesus
I'm an honest man
Just some things
I don't understand
Since she can't
be in my arms
won't 'cha steer
her free from harm?
Be her guiding light
Wash her tears
tuck her in at night
If you do that
I can live alright.

OH it's a sad sad day
I sing the song
about the one that got away
OH it's a sad sad day
she woulda made for a pretty good fillet

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

West Virginny no way no how

I couldn't fit in all of the stereotypes of the fine folks of West Virginia, but I tried. 

(September 2012)

you won't find me
in west virginny
with no quarter to my name

you won't find me
in west virginny
kissing my dear brother's dame

you won't find me
in west virginny
i done took the train
arms wrapped up around
my dear brother's dame

out in the holler
i'd run moonshine for the boys
daddy twanged the banjo
and I joined him in the noise

sat on the porch
with my dear fiddle
daddy sang a lot
and I sang a little
the youngin's was dancin'
the tallest in the middle
brother was missing
it wasn't a riddle

out in the holler
brother shootin' dear
daddy twanged the bajno
smellin' dinner comin' near

yonder in the holler
to feed his family
chase them doe eyed deer
in his dear appalachy

threw the kill in a sack
threw it on it's back
onto the dirt floor
of our one story shack

we all was happy
we could taste
the sappy blood of bambi
we ran to the latrine
and called upon our daddy

daddy twanged the banjo
brother skinned the deer
it weren't quite dead
and brother lost an ear

ran off into the woods
to resume her life
brother cursed a lot
she took off with his knife
buried in her thick hide skin
it was a present from his wife

down at the table
no one sayin' grace
all were quiet
no smiles on their face
we dug in to our meatless stew
and i suddenly felt displaced

i said when i was young
that when i grew taller
i have a pretty dollar
run off with
my uncle's daughter
and out this holler

so i grabbed my brother's wife
our first cousin jess
hopped on a train
and forgot about this mess

we'll make a family of our own
move to the city
into a mobile home
i'll work nights
leave you and the twins alone

living in sin
living with ma kin
if i had another dollar
i'd do it all again

goodbye west virginny
goodbye for now
goodbye west virginny
won't come back
no way no how.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Working class clown

My inspiration for this is Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues

what a pity
living in the city
when you're no longer pretty
situation's shitty
when you ain't seen a titty
since 1950
lost my job
just baby sitting kitty

people with the wealth stare
when I dig through the trashcan
out in my underwear
can't afford no food
so i go on the welfare
pain in the ass
but i can't afford no health care

moved back with my family
just turned 43
ma's on hand and knees
dirtying up her dungarees
i sleep on the couch till 2 or 3
dad works nights at the factory
he come on home yelling at me

'fucking bum
get a job
'for i get my gun
don't care if yer my son
don't walk
when ya gotta run!'

kicked out the union
stealing wine at communion
pass the bottle around
at the unemployment line reunion

'hey steve hey bob
did you hear 'bout our friend rob?
moved out to cali
changed his name to sally
living all alone
tugging guys in an alley

'what about bill the model
his last dollar won the lotto
so he took to the bottle
he can't walk
he can only hobble

'speaking of the bottle
pass the wine.
i'm next in line

Sunday, February 24, 2013

When I was a trucker

Maria didn't care too much for this country western dedicated to her

(August 2011)

at a truck stop diner
when i need a break
you're that shiny beacon
that nice t-bone steak
the center of attention
in the middle of my plate

i spurned the potato
and asked for more of you
she asked if i wanted more gravy
i said i do
like soul food and your ribs
i stick to you like glue

living this life
out here on the road
you remind me of everything
hauling 18 wheels
and a helluva load
i hit the gas
i'm horny as a toad

you're the courtesy flush
at a rest area bathroom
after i've done my deed
you're the cherry twizzlers
dropping from the vending machine

you're the dirty pictures
from a well loved magazine
you're a fresh pack of marlboros
shiny white and red you gleam

you're the wind in my face
when i have the windows down
you're the tobacco juice on my face
when the wind turns it around

you're the $2 whore
when i'm new in town
you're the skid row motel
where that lady drowned
they had a shallow pool
she didn't make a sound

because she was bound

but i woke up
and realized it was all a dream!
my trucking life
was make believe!

i am but a man
who's found his queen

you're the itch in my balls
the cat in my calls
you're at the end of my halls
all along
the paint on my walls
I love you girl.


March 2011

it's simply a fact
an orangutan
would look silly in a hat
it's paramount to what,
rhyming with that

this topic you choose
quite a few questions arose
without futher adeiu
some contemporary orangutan prose

does an orangutan dream
sweet orangutan dreams?
does an orangutan king
have an orangutan queen?
is an orangutan life
quite serene?
or quite the contrary,
and ungodly obscene?

where might i find
an orangutan of mine own?
where on this earth
do they find themselves a home?
perhaps it's the sahara
they happily roam
alongside a lioness, her furry tiara
perhaps altogether a different time zone!

maybe in asia?
against the mighty backdrop
of jagged himalaya?
by chance nothing short of apparitions,
caricatures in fantasia

are orangutans vicious creatures,
or kind hearted
with the noblest of features?
are there orangutan farmers,
orangutan preachers and teachers?

are they orange
as their name could suggest?
are they hard to please
or easy to impress?
would an orangutan look out of place
in a yellow summer dress?

is an orangutan secular
or is there an orangutan god?
does an orangutan bask in the sun
glistening hot orangutan bod?
if i had an orangutan,
surly i'd name him todd

if you called an orangutan by name,
would they be quick to follow?
would an orangutan hamburger
be too difficult to swallow?

eager orangutan youths
lustful orangutan cahoots
knocking sweet sweaty
orangutan boots

do orangutans live amongst the trees?
dangling orangutan knees
infested with fleas
one bite
orangutan disease!
bittersweet orangutan fait accompli

would an orangutan jester
violently struggle
if someone threw him bananas
and forced him to juggle?
does an orangutan couple
have proclivity to snuggle,
or is orangutan romance
particularly subtle?

as far as orangutans
and what they eat
are they herbivores
or are allowed the meat?
is it true,
they eat with their feet?!

aging wise orangutan philosophers
chastise middle aged female orangutan gossipers
whilst building thrones to famous orangutan pickpocketers

in orangutan slumber
is it a procession of terrible snores,
or do they sough like the breeze
and offer nothing more?

orangutan ghosts,
haunting orangutan folks?
simple orangutan hoax?
an old orangutan joke!!

baby orangutans
make a great orangutan poke
a dozen orangutan hides
for my orangutan coat
orangutan bones
for my orangutan boat
orangutan blubber
keeps it afloat
orangutan chum
in my alligator moat
but don't worry!
orangutans love being poached!

welp, it's no longer a mystery,
that's orangutan history!