Friday, March 21, 2014

The Beastie Boys and that Highway NOISE

The highway ROLLED
on a melancholy hum
the petulant WHEELS
provided the strum

The interstate crawled 
at the pace of a SNAIL
The gas station coffee
was refreshingly STALE

The road was HUNGRY
so I fed it it's meal 
three shiny pieces 
that shone like STEEL

She raised her arm 
to signify she was FULL
this life on the road
it's never DULL


Here comes the FUN
10 sovereign lanes
convene into ONE
I speed up
I slow down 
I turn slightly LEFT
A man and his muse
is always DEFT

I picked up a man
who held out his THUMB
He outlasted the rain
And we balled numbly DUMB

Oh the ode 
to Kerouac's Road
And the proteges of
that man Tom Joad
Wander and wonder
let the story be told

The world wore heavy
on your hero and mine
His knees buckled 
until it broke his spine
His weary friend 
offered to bind 
his awful mind
with a bottle of wine
and a pack of cigarettes 
if they got the time 

Oh the bars don't close
until we say they do
We're new in town
and who are you?
That's ok
We gotta place to stay
Don't gotta go out your way
to tell us nay
Our perversion for diversion
will fulcrum this ship's submersion 
More on that later, back to the merging 
AND the night does BECKON
 I'm hopefully lost
the needle's on empty
and refuge is SOUGHT
I won't sleep anywhere
not at any COST
So exit 495
and the rest area PARKING LOT
 In my sleeping bag driver's seat
comfort no hotel 
could have BOUGHT

Throughout the twilight 
so spent my night 
alone as a broken bone
sun bleached in Georgia O'Keefe
Arise with the sunrise
to let me know 
that I am home

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