Monday, February 25, 2013

Working class clown

My inspiration for this is Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues

what a pity
living in the city
when you're no longer pretty
situation's shitty
when you ain't seen a titty
since 1950
lost my job
just baby sitting kitty

people with the wealth stare
when I dig through the trashcan
out in my underwear
can't afford no food
so i go on the welfare
pain in the ass
but i can't afford no health care

moved back with my family
just turned 43
ma's on hand and knees
dirtying up her dungarees
i sleep on the couch till 2 or 3
dad works nights at the factory
he come on home yelling at me

'fucking bum
get a job
'for i get my gun
don't care if yer my son
don't walk
when ya gotta run!'

kicked out the union
stealing wine at communion
pass the bottle around
at the unemployment line reunion

'hey steve hey bob
did you hear 'bout our friend rob?
moved out to cali
changed his name to sally
living all alone
tugging guys in an alley

'what about bill the model
his last dollar won the lotto
so he took to the bottle
he can't walk
he can only hobble

'speaking of the bottle
pass the wine.
i'm next in line

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