Sunday, February 24, 2013


March 2011

it's simply a fact
an orangutan
would look silly in a hat
it's paramount to what,
rhyming with that

this topic you choose
quite a few questions arose
without futher adeiu
some contemporary orangutan prose

does an orangutan dream
sweet orangutan dreams?
does an orangutan king
have an orangutan queen?
is an orangutan life
quite serene?
or quite the contrary,
and ungodly obscene?

where might i find
an orangutan of mine own?
where on this earth
do they find themselves a home?
perhaps it's the sahara
they happily roam
alongside a lioness, her furry tiara
perhaps altogether a different time zone!

maybe in asia?
against the mighty backdrop
of jagged himalaya?
by chance nothing short of apparitions,
caricatures in fantasia

are orangutans vicious creatures,
or kind hearted
with the noblest of features?
are there orangutan farmers,
orangutan preachers and teachers?

are they orange
as their name could suggest?
are they hard to please
or easy to impress?
would an orangutan look out of place
in a yellow summer dress?

is an orangutan secular
or is there an orangutan god?
does an orangutan bask in the sun
glistening hot orangutan bod?
if i had an orangutan,
surly i'd name him todd

if you called an orangutan by name,
would they be quick to follow?
would an orangutan hamburger
be too difficult to swallow?

eager orangutan youths
lustful orangutan cahoots
knocking sweet sweaty
orangutan boots

do orangutans live amongst the trees?
dangling orangutan knees
infested with fleas
one bite
orangutan disease!
bittersweet orangutan fait accompli

would an orangutan jester
violently struggle
if someone threw him bananas
and forced him to juggle?
does an orangutan couple
have proclivity to snuggle,
or is orangutan romance
particularly subtle?

as far as orangutans
and what they eat
are they herbivores
or are allowed the meat?
is it true,
they eat with their feet?!

aging wise orangutan philosophers
chastise middle aged female orangutan gossipers
whilst building thrones to famous orangutan pickpocketers

in orangutan slumber
is it a procession of terrible snores,
or do they sough like the breeze
and offer nothing more?

orangutan ghosts,
haunting orangutan folks?
simple orangutan hoax?
an old orangutan joke!!

baby orangutans
make a great orangutan poke
a dozen orangutan hides
for my orangutan coat
orangutan bones
for my orangutan boat
orangutan blubber
keeps it afloat
orangutan chum
in my alligator moat
but don't worry!
orangutans love being poached!

welp, it's no longer a mystery,
that's orangutan history!

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