Sunday, February 24, 2013

When I was a trucker

Maria didn't care too much for this country western dedicated to her

(August 2011)

at a truck stop diner
when i need a break
you're that shiny beacon
that nice t-bone steak
the center of attention
in the middle of my plate

i spurned the potato
and asked for more of you
she asked if i wanted more gravy
i said i do
like soul food and your ribs
i stick to you like glue

living this life
out here on the road
you remind me of everything
hauling 18 wheels
and a helluva load
i hit the gas
i'm horny as a toad

you're the courtesy flush
at a rest area bathroom
after i've done my deed
you're the cherry twizzlers
dropping from the vending machine

you're the dirty pictures
from a well loved magazine
you're a fresh pack of marlboros
shiny white and red you gleam

you're the wind in my face
when i have the windows down
you're the tobacco juice on my face
when the wind turns it around

you're the $2 whore
when i'm new in town
you're the skid row motel
where that lady drowned
they had a shallow pool
she didn't make a sound

because she was bound

but i woke up
and realized it was all a dream!
my trucking life
was make believe!

i am but a man
who's found his queen

you're the itch in my balls
the cat in my calls
you're at the end of my halls
all along
the paint on my walls
I love you girl.

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